SD Sails Canopy Hardware Elements Collection

Manufactured exclusively in 316 marine-grade stainless steel, the shade sail hardware collection at SD Sails is designed specifically to fix and tension our complete range of Free Form shade sails and tensile canopies.

Shade sail hardware elements are developed to be as simple and practical as possible. Each piece is available in a range of sizes from M8 to M20, meaning you have a variety of rigging options specifically load rated to the canopy size.

Inspired by marine hardware, some similar components are available at regular yacht chandleries, but very often not in the lengths and sizes required for the tensile industry, so we have solved this problem whilst maintaining competitive prices. The beauty of fabric structures is in the few components required to create such a structure. These elements include the primary structure and specific components related to the structure, the fittings and hardware used to tension the membrane.

Including carbine hooks, bow shackles, eye bolts, eye plates, rigging screws, strap toggles and corner plates, apply to
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Shade Sail Hardware Elements Gallery

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What hardware do I need for a shade sail?

The simplest and best way to mount a shade sail or tensile canopy in any location is to use an eye bolt and a rigging screw in each corner. SD Sails offers a range of high-quality marine-grade stainless steel hardware, which includes these items, as well as other specially designed components to cover all eventualities.

What can I attach a shade sail to?

For heavy-duty commercial grade canopies designed to stay up all year round, it is best to attach to either steel posts concreted in the ground or to steel frame buildings. For light-duty residential canopies, it is possible to attach to lighter structural elements such as brick or timber buildings, trees and fence posts, but they may need reinforcing and the canopy may have to be taken down in high winds.

Can I install the shade sail hardware myself?

Yes you can install the fixing points yourself and we are happy to advise how best to do this. The most important thing is to measure between the fixing points accurately so we can make the canopy perfectly to fit. CSI’s site services covers both these aspects if you’d rather us do it for you.

How can I order shade sail hardware from SD Sails?

It’s always best to consult with us before embarking on your shade sail project, so give us a call or email us with your plans, and we can advise the best hardware solution for your specific site. The majority of our hardware is ordered along with the canopy, so we can help prepare your order with you.

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