Rigging Cables

Rigging Cables for Canopies and Shade Sails

Manufactured exclusively in 316 marine-grade stainless steel, SD Sails offers a comprehensive cable swaging service from 3mm to 16mm diameter. Aimed predominantly at the tensile canopy market, we use either stiff 1×19 construction for individual edge cables and standing rigging, or the more flexible 7×19 construction for our popular continuous edge cable systems. Discover more about our rigging cables and cable swaging service.

Utilising Hex Lock, Crimp Swage and Roll Swage dies and machinery, SD Sails offer all types of cable terminals, including studs, forks and eyes, in both fixed and adjustable options. As such, this cable swaging service goes way beyond just our core tensile market, being widely used in balustrading, decking, stairs, trellises and lighting, to name but a few.

tensile structure in the park
yellow tensile structure near sport playground

However, making up the cable assembly is the easy bit. Knowing what length and thickness you need for the job is the hard bit, but that’s where sourcing your rigging cables and canopy together at SD Sails can save you time and money on the project, as we can work that out for you. Our end-to-end solution for premium shade sails is the perfect option if you are looking to maximise the return of your investment. Learn more about our Bespoke Canopies and Free Form Canopies solutions.

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