Bespoke cANOPIES

High-quality bespoke canopy fabrication

We undertake a wide variety of bespoke textile fabrication projects. Order your bespoke canopy system today.

SD Sails also manufactures a wide variety of bespoke canopies and covers, specifically designed and built to fit your structure. Whether it’s a replacement cover for a traditional ridge frame or a complex membrane for a cutting-edge architectural installation, SD Sails have the experience and the infrastructure to deliver a perfect fit for the first time. Your bespoke canopies can be tailored to your precise requirements for both commercial and domestic establishments.

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3D CAD Design

We’ll work with your designers or project specifiers in CAD to evaluate all the specific detail required.

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Perfect Fit

We’ll work to your exact requirements to pattern and manufacture your job to ensure a perfect fit.

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Wide Range of Fabrics

We work with a wide range of high-quality fabrics and colours to suit every possible requirement.

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Sewing and Welding

We assemble fabric using both industrial sewing and high frequency welding on the latest equipment in-house.

Our standard range of Free Form Custom Canopy are also ideal for many bespoke canopy systems, but we can also manufacture with just about any type of fabric, from natural canvases to hi-tech laminates, bought in especially for the job by us or supplied by you.

We also have access to thousands of different fittings and accessories from around the world that can be used to match existing parts or provide the right solution to your specific needs. This allows us to manufacture bespoke canopies that are perfectly tailored to your business or residential property to maximise its aesthetic and functional value.

Gallery with some of our Bespoke canopies

bespoke canopies
SD Sails bespoke tensile project at urban space
SD Sails bespoke project 2013 04 23
SD Sails bespoke awning project
SD Sails summer bespoke project
SD Sails bespoke arc project
SD Sails bespoke project like big white sun unbrella
bespoke canopies bespoke canopy system
SD Sails bespoke tensile project
SD Sails specific tensile project bespoke canopies

Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced technicians who will be happy to discuss your requirements and find the best solution for the job.

Become a Trade Partner

SD Sails works exclusively with trade partners worldwide to support their end-user services with our expertise in tensile canopy design and fabrication. Apply to become a trade partner to benefit from our online quote, plus access downloadable information designed to support your business.

SD Sails is specialised in manufacturing bespoke canopies in a wide range of fabrics, materials, colours and accessories. We offer bespoke canopy systems for multiple sectors. Previous projects have included bespoke solutions for restaurants, pubs, gardens, schools, nurseries, colleges, hotel outdoor dining areas, residential patios and more.

The weather conditions in the UK can be challenging, but we can design your canopy in a way that can withstand different weather conditions during many years, from high winds to heat waves in the summer. Get started today.


What is a bespoke canopy?

A bespoke canopy is any canopy that doesn’t fit in to our Free Form specification. This might be something that falls just outside of the Free Form parameters and therefore look very similar, or something that is totally different, such as a canopy custom-made to fit a gazebo frame.

What are the benefits of bespoke canopies?

A well-made canopy can enhance any social area, outside or in. There are of course the practical benefits of protecting people and/or products from rain and sun, but the colour and style of the canopy can also be used to create a visually attractive space that is commercially beneficial as well. Check out our Free Form canopies first to see if your requirement fits in to our pre-engineered spec, but if not, we can work with you to tailor a totally bespoke solution.

How much does a bespoke canopy cost?

There really are no limitations to a bespoke canopy in terms of size, fabric or specification, so the cost is manually calculated based on estimated materials and labour time, but due to the one-off nature of the job, expect it to be more costly than an equivalent sized Free Form canopy. To get a starting point, try using our online Free Form quote calculator here:

Does a bespoke canopy come with a warranty?

All our work is covered under a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty that ensures the product conforms to the agreed specification and is free from material defects. However, due to the limitless variations of a bespoke canopy, it does not carry the 3-year wind and snow warranty that you get with a Free Form canopy, although assurances can be given if the canopy is able to be designed using our FEA software.

What elements can be personalised in bespoke canopies?

There really are no limitations to a bespoke canopy, so the fabric type can be from our stock or elsewhere, the size and number of fixing points have no minimum or maximum, and the edge type and fittings can anything you want.

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