Site Survey

A professional survey of Tensile Architecture Structures

Many projects start as a blank canvas, so an initial site survey by SD Sails can open up the potential of a site and help to fast-track the consultation process with your client.

However, more often than not, our site survey service is commissioned to carry out a digital survey of a structure that is installed and ready to be measured up for a bespoke canopy. We do this by utilising our incredibly precise Leica 3D Disto machine, that doesn’t just measure between points with a laser beam, but actually plots any fixed points directly on to a 3-dimensional DXF file, which directly opens in our CAD software. This means no ladders, no tape measures, no mis-readings, no rounded numbers, no crossing fingers, and no re-visits to site to re-measure.

Leica 3D Disto roof laser
Leica 3D Disto full kit

Once the beauty of this method is appreciated, we also offer the machine to rent on a daily basis, or we have a discount available to purchase your own. Our ultimate goal is to empower our trade partners to become experts in completing tensile canopy projects quickly and efficiently, but always to the highest of standards.

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