Tensile Membranes Repair

SD Sails Tensile Membranes Repair Services

About tensile membranes repair

As a leading manufacturer of PVC tensile membranes in the UK, SD Sails offers a fast & efficient professional repair service for all brands of tensile membranes, made anywhere in the world. Utilising our large-scale hi-frequency welding machinery and small-scale ultra-sonic and hot-air equipment, our experienced staff carry out repair work from small patches to panel replacements and corner re-builds to bring your canopy back to life.

Damaged perimeter cables are also easily replaced in-house from our large stock of stainless-steel cables, utilising hydraulic cutting with roll-swage and hex-lock swaging equipment.

HF welding machine and fabrics in SD Sails workshop
HF welding machine in SD Sails workshop

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