SD SAILS stitching services

About our Stitching services

Industrial stitching forms the bedrock of what we do here at SD Sails, going right back to our origins in marine sail making. Boasting a huge 200sqm work bench, the stitching room at SD Sails houses a multitude of industrial sewing machines, all designed to perform slightly different functions within our core tensile canopy business.

stitching process
Industrial stitching into the SD Sails workshop

Ranging from short-arm to long-arm capacity, single and twin needle, straight stitching to 1 and 3-step zig zag, with metric thread weights from 80 to 10, we have a sewing machine to handle the vast majority of industrial stitching requirements with ease.

As well as stitch pattern and thread weight, thread type is also vitally important for the task at hand; whether it’s cotton or Polyester for standard applications, Teflon for high Ultraviolet or glass fibre for high temperature, SD Sails can help you make the right choice for your product.

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