HF Welding

SD SAILS HF welding services

About our High-frequency welding services

High-frequency welding is the ultimate way to permanently fuse PVC fabrics together, producing a strong, accurate and totally waterproof join in just a few seconds. Here at SD Sails, we have 2 powerful FIAB travelling-head machines mounted to a 20m track, both capable of producing up to 1.3-metre-long welds, from 3mm to 150mm wide.

Extensively used throughout the tensile industry, this equipment is also commonplace in the marquee, tent, truck side, building wrap and banner industries, making it a versatile assembly machine for countless applications.

High-frequency welding relies on three main factors – heat, time and pressure. With all these factors being easily adjustable and computer controlled, finding the perfect setting to produce consistent results on any weldable fabric is no problem.

We also have a variety of smaller HF, hot-air and ultra-sonic welders in-house. They often prove invaluable in assembling some of the more detailed sections of a job, so what-ever your requirement. Please, contact us today to see how we can help.

HF welding machine in SD Sails workshop
HF welding machine and fabrics in SD Sails workshop
Altrasonic ultrasonic generator in SD Sails workshop
HF welding process in SD Sails workshop

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