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About our Cutting & Plotting services

SD Sails houses a large-scale Blackman & White Orion plotting and cutting machine, with a cutting area of 15m x 3m. This enables us to plot and cut fabrics up to 3 metres wide, which covers just about all commercially available fabrics. Cutting panels longer than 15 metres is no problem, it just means we have to reset the fabric and run additional files.

Blackman & White Orion plotting and cutting machine

Utilising 4 heavy duty vacuum pumps, the fabric is first suctioned down to the table to ensure there is no movement during the cutting process, giving an accuracy to within 0.25mm. The gantry then travels across the fabric with the choice of 3 different tool heads to perfectly replicate all reference marks and cut lines from the smallest bolt hole to the largest sweeping curve, predetermined on the CAD design file.

Suitable for small or large jobs, one-offs to multiple runs, our cutting and plotting service ensures speed and accuracy on any type of fabric, meaning your project gets off to the perfect start.

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