SD Sails Manufacturing Process

Our large-scale automated cutting machine transposes our CAD files directly on to the fabric. The multi-functional tool head allows us to plot job references, panel numbers, seam allowances and strike-up marks, before cutting everything from the panel outlines to the smallest bolt hole. This hi-tech process ensures accuracy to 0.25mm and reduces cloth wastage to the bare minimum.

Once cut, all our waterproof fabrics are seamed together using one of our two large travelling-head Fiab HF welding machines, mounted on a 20m track, ensuring a totally waterproof permanently bonded join. Our shade fabrics are seamed together using one of ten heavy-duty industrial sewing machines running heavy Teflon thread, which is guaranteed against UV degradation for up to 15 years.

Depending on the fabric type, the canopy is finished with either webbing or cable edges, which are load-rated according to the size with a minimum safety factor of two, meaning you can be confident that our work is built to last.

SD Sails Manufacturing services

Cutting & Plotting

HF Welding