FEA Analysis

SD Sails Finite Element Analysis Services

About our FEA Analysis service

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) makes the full range of CAD design services offered by SD Sails even more integral to the success of your project by enabling us to offer real-world load data for our products.


Utilising trade-specific software, we can work to any given wind speed, snow depth and safety factor to produce data for the canopy that can be used to specify the fabric, cables, rigging hardware and post size. The graphics we output also show the water flow off the canopy, the deflected shape of the canopy under load, and the load hotspots within the canopy.

Whilst all our Freeform canopies are pre-analysed with this information, our FEA service is particularly useful for large bespoke projects where we often work in tandem with our client’s in-house or sub-contracted structural engineers to help ensure a successful completion.

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