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CAD patterning service

About our CAD patterning service

The majority of our clients are companies that design and produce their own structures, so our CAD patterning service is often the entry point for a lot of the fast-track projects we work on.

Once we have the fixing points of the structure plotted in our software, the first job is to ‘form-find’ the virtual 3-dimensional canopy in CAD, which is the process of finding the perfect equilibrium shape with the corner hardware links aligned correctly for the tension.

CAD patterning project by SD Sails

This 3-dimensional form is then split in to smaller 2-dimensional panels that not only need to fit the fabric width, but also provide the seam shaping required to recreate the initial form. This process is fully automated within our software, but there is still a lot of work to do to ‘compensate’ the panels for the fabric stretch, add seam allowances, strike-up marks and panel references, before nesting the panels efficiently into a cut file.

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