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About our CAD Modelling services

Many of the projects we work on start out with nothing more than an idea or a simple sketch, so utilising the CAD modelling service at SD Sails is a great way to develop the concept quickly and easily. Whether your structure is metal, timber or composite, getting the basic geometry right is essential for a good outcome and is the starting point for even the most complex ideas.


When it comes to creating a CAD model for the supporting structure of a tensile canopy, the earlier in the project you speak to us, the better. In fact, the correct approach with any tensile fabric structure is to design the canopy first, and then design the structure to support it. This approach allows you to analyse the coverage, heights, levels, curves, angles and loads in the canopy, and then detail every aspect of the structure so it all works together seamlessly.


Our CAD model can then be used as the basis for the fabrication drawings that the metal/timber/composite fabricators will need to build it, and the site workers will need for the layout and installation. If required, we can then digitally survey the site to ensure everything is correct before we manufacture the canopy.

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