Freeform Canopy Manufacture

Our unique Freeform concept makes tensile structures simple

Our large-scale automated cutting machine transposes our CAD files directly on to the fabric.  The multi-functional tool head allows us to plot job references, panel numbers, seam allowances and strike-up marks, before cutting everything from the panel outlines to the smallest bolt hole.  This hi-tech process ensures accuracy to 0.25mm and reduces cloth wastage to the bare minimum.

Once cut, all our waterproof fabrics are seamed together using one of our two large travelling-head Fiab HF welding machines, mounted on a 20m track, ensuring a totally waterproof permanently bonded join.  Our shade fabrics are seamed together using one of ten heavy duty industrial sewing machines running heavy Teflon thread, which is guaranteed against UV degradation for up to 15 years.

Depending on the fabric type, the canopy is finished with either webbing or cable edges, which are load rated according to the size with a minimum safety factor of two, meaning you can be confident that our work is built to last.

Submitting the information required to price and build your unique Freeform canopy is easy.  It takes less than 1 minute to choose from the options in 5 simple drop down boxes on our online system to give you a price.  Once you have then filed out one of our measuring forms to complete the order, our design process can begin.

Utilising the latest trade-specific CAD software, we plot your dimensions, form-find the canopy and email you back a general arrangement drawing to approve before we go any further.  This gives you the opportunity to check your dimensions and visualise the actual size and shape of the canopy to ensure it meets your clients needs.

Once approved, we then convert the 3D form in to 2D panels, checking the shear strain and panel size matches the criteria of the fabric being used.  These individual panels are then compensated to allow for the stretch specified by the fabric’s unique bi-axial test data, before seam and hem allowances are added.

The final stage of our design process is to nest the panels tightly together within the fabric width before transferring it to our Blackman & White automated plotting and cutting machine.

We’ve put together a collection of the best shade and waterproof fabrics from around the world and stocked them in our warehouse ready to go. We have 3 standard shade fabrics and 3 standard waterproof fabrics, all offering different levels of performance and protection.  Below is an overview, but please see our fabrics page for full details.

Gale Pacific Commercial 95 – Economical HDPE shade fabric in a range of bright colours, ideal for commercial and residential projects alike

Gale Pacific Commercial FR 300 – HDPE shade fabric basically the same as Commercial 95, but with a Fire Retardant certification

Monotec 370 Series – Premium grade heavy duty HDPE shade fabric offering the ultimate in stability and life-span with designer colours

Ferrari Stam 6002 – Textured PVC waterproof fabric that looks like a canvas, making it ideal for residential and organic commercial projects

Ferrari Precontraint 502 Satin – Premium grade PVC waterproof fabric with a satin finish and 40 designer colours, ideal for a wide variety of commercial applications

Ferrari Precontraint 832 – Heavy duty PVC waterproof fabric, ideal for large-scale commercial projects

The Freeform concept from SD Sails is a unique system specifically designed to take the complexity out of tensile canopies.

Having drawn on over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing sails and canopies, the difference is in our unique universal-angle corner fittings, that allow you to order a totally bespoke canopy, up to 40m perimeter with 3 to 8 corners, quickly and easily using our online system.

Available in a wide range of shade and waterproof fabrics and featuring a huge spectrum of colours and styles, the Freeform concept puts beautifully engineered tensile canopies within easy reach of anybody working in landscaping and construction industries.

Apply to become a trade partner today to access our online quote and ordering system and download more specific information about our Freeform system.

SD Sails works exclusively with trade partners worldwide to support their end user services with our expertise in tensile canopy design and fabrication. Apply to become a trade partner to benefit from our online quote and ordering system, plus access downloadable information designed to support your business.