Premium Shade & Tensile Fabrics

We hold a huge stock of premium fabrics in our own warehouse ready to cut and fabricate to your order

Commercial 95 is a wide width heavy duty HDPE shade fabric, available in 17 popular colours.  The lock stitch construction blocks out up to 98% of UV rays, whilst allowing heat to escape through.  Being very porous, it can span large areas with little or no fall, without the risk of water pooling.  Being both durable and economical, it is the ideal choice for exterior shade sails of any size.

WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
325gsm3000mmStitchedNoNo10 Years

Commercial FR300 is a wide width HDPE shade fabric, very similar to Commercial 95, but with a fire retardant certification.   Sharing many of the same technical attributes as Commercial 95, it is only available in a more limited range of 8 colours, but it is the go-to choice for exterior shade sails of any size where a fire rating is required.

WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
295gsm3000mmStitchedNoYes8 Years

Monotec 370 Series is a premium grade heavy duty HDPE shade fabric, available in 15 designer colours.  Widely regarded as the best shade fabric available world-wide, its 100% monofilament construction provides the ultimate in strength and stability, along with the longest warranty on the market.  Combined with stylish looks, it is the ultimate choice for exterior shade sails of any size.

WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
370gsm3250mmStitchedNoNo15 Years

Stam 6002 combines the practical aspects of a PVC fabric with the ever-popular aesthetic of old-school canvas.  Unlike our other standard waterproof fabrics, it is finished with a webbing edge, making it look and feel very traditional and easier to mount and demount. Available in 12 natural colours, it is the ideal choice for residential and organic commercial projects alike.

WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
630gsm2600mmWeldedYesYes5 Years

502 Satin is a premium grade Type I PVC available in 40 colours.  Our most popular waterproof fabric features contemporary colours and a satin gloss finish, which really sets it apart from other brands. Its technical production method means that it is lightweight, strong, balanced and stable, making it ideal for small to medium size exterior tensile membranes.

WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
570gsm1800mmWeldedYesYes10 Years

832 is a premium grade Type II PVC, available in 7 popular colours.  As with the lighter 502, its hi-tech production method gives it superior strength and stability, whilst its heavier weight makes it very hard wearing. Only available in our heavier commercial specification, this fabric is ideal for medium to large scale tensile membranes.

WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
850gsm2700mmWeldedYesYes5 Years

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