Bespoke shade sails manufacturing for swimming pools

Shade sails are a great way to escape the summer heatwaves, make the most out of your outdoor areas, and protect your customers from the harmful UV rays. Learn more about our custom shade sails for swimming pools.

As a leading expert in high-quality shade sails and tensile canopies, SD Sails can manufacture and install a wide variety of swimming pool shade structures that are perfect for installing over lounge areas and beside pools.

Our bespoke solutions allow you to fully customise your swimming pool shade sails to your requirements – using a range of premium fabrics, colours and shapes, you will find the ideal combination for your needs.

Contact us to get a custom quote for shade sails and bespoke canopies, or get quotes in seconds using our unique Free Form options.

Freeform canopy

Custom Canopy Manufacture

The Freeform concept is a unique system specifically designed to take the complexity out of tensile canopies

Bespoke Canopies

Bespoke Textile Fabrication

Wide range of shade & waterproof fabrics to transform your outdoor space.

Premium Tensile Fabrics

Shade & Waterproof Fabrics

We hold a huge stock of premium architectural fabrics ready to cut and fabricate to your order.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Shade Sails for Swimming Pools?

1. High UV Protection

Being around the pool in the summer is fun, but we often forget how damaging it can be for our skin. Shade sails are a great addition to your swimming pool or water park not only because they increase its aesthetic value, but also because they offer great protection against the damaging effects of the sun.

Custom shade sails for swimming pools ensure that you are fully covering the area, no matter how large it is, for maximum protection against the harmful UV and UVB rays. SD Sails has a huge stock of premium fabrics that you can pick from.


2. Cost-effective

Custom shade sails are also a cost-effective solution for your swimming pool because they reduce the initial investment, and you can provide shade in the heat without having to install traditional permanent shading structures. 

They also help to keep operational costs down by reducing the heat that enters the pool, causing less water evaporation.


3. Increase aesthetic value

Custom shade sails are a great way to increase the aesthetic value of your swimming pool, water park, outdoor entertainment area or property, especially if you can truly customise them to your tastes and style. 

For this reason, SD Sails provides fully bespoke shade sail manufacturing and installation solutions, allowing you to unleash your imagination and design a project built according to your needs.

Choose from a wide variety of premium fabrics, colours, shapes and styles, and add a superior aesthetic touch to your swimming pool. 

shade sails for swimming pools

Why SD Sails?

If you are still not convinced by the benefits of custom shade sails for swimming pools, here are a few more reasons why you need to shade your pool or water park – and why SD Sails’ solutions will be the perfect choice for your project:

  • Provide shading for your area with a warranty of up to 10 years;
  • Premium fabrics ready to cut and fabricate to your order;
  • Our fabrics block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays;
  • Cover any area, no matter how large or irregular;
  • Increase the aesthetic value of your swimming pool;
  • Prevent skin cancer and sunburn with a cost-effective solution;
  • Increase traffic in retail and commercial areas;
  • Allow greater use of your outdoor entertainment areas;

Shade Sails For Swimming Pools: Get Quotes

If you need custom shade sails for swimming pools, water parks or other outdoor areas, getting quotes is easy with SD Sails. You can choose between two options:

  • Free Form Canopies – our unique technology for Free Form Canopies allows you to order custom canopies that fit your needs perfectly, from colours to size and fabric. Get an automatic quote generated for you in seconds!



How much do pool shade sails cost?

The cost of pool shade sails will depend on multiple factors, including the shape and size of the shade sail, as well as the fabric and the colour, among others. 

How do you put a shade sail on a pool?

To install a shade sail over a pool, the first thing you’ll have to do is measure the outdoor area to determine the most suitable size. You can do that by identifying fixing points, and measuring the distance between them. Once you have the measurements, you can contact SD Sails for an order – we can also install the shade sail for you.

Is it better to have a pool in the sun or in the shade?

It is always better to provide some shade over the pool instead of having the whole area directly under the sun. This way, you will not only filter out harmful UV rays and provide protection, but you will also prevent the water from getting heated from sunlight. In addition, the shade prevents leaves and other things from falling into the water.

Can you get waterproof shade sails?

While not all shade sail fabrics are waterproof, you can get custom built waterproof shade sails. SD Sails offers a wide variety of fabrics and colours to choose from, including waterproof fabrics so you can get maximum protection for your swimming pool or water park.