7 Reasons Why You Need Custom Tensile Canopy Design

7 Reasons Why You Need Custom Tensile Canopy Design

custom tensile canopy design

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Why do you need to invest in custom tensile canopy design instead of choosing from options at the store? Continue reading to learn more!

Innovative architecture has always been one of the most defining characteristics of any era. Modern technology brings forward new materials, unique designs, and the latest tools that aid in building the best architectural structures. 

The tensile fabric is taking over in one such innovative swipe of the contemporary world. From sophisticated roofing structures to outdoor restaurant canopies, the tensile fabric is becoming the go-to choice for most architectural designs, and for good reasons

Tensile fabric is lightweight, strong, stretchable, long-lasting, and can be customised. 

A good tensile canopy design can give you back the worth of your investment. You can get several much-needed benefits from a custom tensile canopy design, something that store options are simply not able to give.

Here is why you need to customize your tensile canopy structure:

1. How Do Tensile Structures Compare With The Alternatives?

When it comes to covering an outdoor space and adding shade, there are multiple options that you can choose from, including patio umbrellas, gazebos, trees, permanent roofs and of course – shade sails with a custom tensile canopy design, or a store-bought version. 

However, not all of them offer the same benefits, that’s why your decision must be made carefully and strategically. 

1.1. Consider the space and costs

When it comes to shading an outdoor space, one of the most important things that you need to consider is the space that you want to cover, as well as the costs. Not every option provides the same cover over a set space – for example, umbrellas and trees are not a great option if you are looking to cover a large outdoor area.

Tensile canopies are usually the best option when considering quality-price ratio, even if you are requesting a custom tensile canopy design. They are a much more affordable solution compared to permanent steel structures, and they can be installed and supported without the need for heavy and expensive equipment.

1.2. Materials are important

When looking at shading alternatives, another factor that you will need to consider are the materials that are used for the product. 

Regular store-bought umbrellas and tensile canopies are typically made with cheaper materials to make them more affordable, but this means that you can’t expect them to last for very long.

So, if you are looking for options that are going to last you for a long time, shade sails with a custom tensile canopy design that use high-quality, premium materials will be a must. Companies like SD Sails offer a wide range of premium fabrics that you can choose from. 

1.3. Going for a permanent solution

Moreover, the tensile canopy makes for a more permanent solution as compared to other cover options like the traditional tent. 

A regular tent is more of a temporary option, and it won’t provide durable cover, which can increase costs in the long run. A canopy made of tensile fabric will last a long time and lead to lower costs. 

So, if you are looking to install a canopy design over an outdoor space, you should consider the custom tensile canopy design option to ensure an aesthetic and long-lasting shading.

2. Benefits Of Custom Tensile Canopy Design

In conclusion, shade sails and tensile canopies are a great option for covering your outdoor area not only because they offer the best price-quality relationship, but also because they are practical and long-lasting.

A custom tensile canopy design will also ensure that your shading matches perfectly with your aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of ordering a custom canopy:

2.1. Flexibility In Design

With a custom tensile canopy design, you can be as creative and imaginative as you want. You are no longer limited to basic designs in the store.

Companies like SD Sails can use the lightweight strength and flexibility of the tensile fabric to build unique designs and creative structures that match with the aesthetic of your building and outdoor space, creating the exact vibe that you are looking for.

Creative designs can bring in more customers and visitors, make the outdoor space more attractive and pleasant to be in, all while providing the necessary UV protection in the hot summer days.

2.2. Lightweight And Easy To Manage

Custom tensile canopy design is easy to manage and mould according to your specifications 

The tensile fabric is lightweight, which makes it easy to move around and easy to work with. The light nature of the material also means that it is cost-effective compared to the other bulkier materials. 

As there is no need for heavy tools to manage the tensile fabric, it is easy to customize it. Moreover, the material can be installed quickly and easily as opposed to steel structures.

2.3. Cost-effective Solution

There are a few different reasons for the cost-effectiveness of tensile structures. On one hand, working with tensile fabrics is easy. They are lightweight, and there is less steel material required to work with them, which makes them easy to install. 

The use of less quantity of steel required in supporting and building up a structure is one of the main causes of the lower costs of the projects that use tensile fabric to build a canopy. 

In addition, because they are durable and long-lasting (a high-quality shade sail can last up to 10 years), this means that you will not have to invest in other shading solutions for a very long time, which allows you to save time and money. 

2.4. Durability

One of the top reasons for getting a custom tensile canopy design from a top shade sail manufacturer is that it is durable. It lasts a really long time, with most tensile canopies having warranties between 5 and 10 years.

In addition, some tensile fabrics are made to tolerate extreme weather conditions and to stand the test of rough environmental conditions. Extreme temperatures of are also fine for structures built with tensile fabric. 

The tensile canopy design can even last for as long as 15 years if you are providing the right maintenance, such as cleaning it frequently, removing debris, and inspecting the fabric.

In conclusion, the custom design for a canopy made from tensile material is a great choice, as it is here to stay and it will be on display for a long time. Getting a custom tensile canopy design will ensure the quality that store-bought options are simply not able to provide.

2.5. Low Maintenance Material

While regular and proper maintenance is a must for tensile canopies if you want to enjoy them for a really long time, they actually require a lot less maintenance than other structures and shading alternatives.

There is a strong coating on tensile fabrics which means that they are protected from harsh stimulants. The durability of the tensile fabric also adds to the low maintenance requirement of the canopy design. 

2.6. Solar Properties

One of the most important properties of a custom tensile canopy design is that it provides great solar protection from the harmful UV rays.

They effectively filter out up to 98% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, reducing the direct sun exposure to minimum, thus keeping people protected from the risks associated with it – such as sunburn and skin cancer.

People can sit outside even in bright sunlight and hot weather as the custom tensile canopy provides shade and reflects off sunlight which maintains a cool, comfortable environment in and around the canopy. 

So, the solar protection property is another reason to consider a custom tensile canopy design. 

2.7. Quick Installation

As the tensile fabrics are lightweight, so are the structures built with tensile material. The lightweight nature and flexibility of the material make it easy to install. Moreover, it makes for a great alternative to temporary shades and canopies as it can be installed quickly and will last you a long time.

3. Why Get A Custom Tensile Canopy Design?

Getting a custom tensile canopy design can provide you with more benefits than taking a pre-made one off the market. 

With SD Sails, you can have your canopy completely customized from scratch. The tensile membrane is available in a variety of colors, and you can select from a wide range of premium materials that best fit your needs.

You can choose a canopy that has high performance in terms of thermal protection, which will make it a great choice for outdoor spaces that receive a lot of sunlight and get heated up quickly. 

The tensile canopy is a great way of making the outside spaces productive in harsh weather conditions. The shade from the custom tensile canopy will provide a space to play sports or do work while the sun is burning bright.

4. Should You Get The Custom Tensile Canopy Design?

A custom tensile canopy design can bring in a lot of benefits. You can get as creative with the design as you want and stand out for the customers. 

While pre-made options are available in the market, they might not be as aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective, and durable as the custom option.

If you choose a custom tensile canopy design, you can even brand your business with it, as there are several places that run with an outdoors-only option. In this case, you can immensely benefit from a custom design. 

Moreover, a custom canopy design can cost you less and provide the shade you need with the exact specifications in a better cost structure. So, it is better to choose a custom design for the canopy than a traditional one. 

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What are the benefits of custom tensile canopy design?

There are multiple benefits of custom tensile canopy design, including durability and design flexibility, solar protection from the harmful UV rays, as well as quick installation and low maintenance. In addition, they add a huge aesthetic value to your outdoor space.

What are the different types of tensile canopy structures?

There are three main types of tensile canopy structures: membrane tensioned structures, mesh tensioned structures, and pneumatic structures. 

What are tensile structures used for?

Tensile structures are generally used for covering outdoor areas. They have applications across a wide variety of industries: from athletic facilities to patios, swimming pools, gardens, environmental response structures, golf parks and more.