Custom Made Sail Shades UK: 5 Things You Should Know

Custom Made Sail Shades UK: 5 Things You Should Know

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What are some of the most important things that you will need to know before purchasing custom made sail shades in the UK? Continue reading to learn more.

Did you know that the size of the global shade sails market size was estimated at USD 2.09 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach USD 2.68 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 4.25% from 2022 to 2027?

There is a reason why the shade sails market is on the rise. Shade sails are among the best shading solutions for companies of many verticals, from hotels and restaurants to universities, colleges, or nurseries with playgrounds. 

They are an excellent option if you want a practical and stylish way to protect your outdoor area from the harmful damage of the sun’s powerful UV rays, especially during the warm months. They offer multiple benefits, including sun protection, temperature regulation, shelter from the rain, and an enjoyable sitting or playing area for children and adults.

In addition, they can also increase the aesthetic value of your establishment. An architecturally designed shade sail can significantly change outdoor spaces by adding distinctive aesthetics that cannot be obtained through other methods.

However, you can rarely get these benefits from store-bought shade sails, which are generally made from cheaper, non-durable materials, and offer low UV protection.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know before getting custom made sail shades in the UK, including:

  • Are custom made sail shades better than ready-made options?
  • How can I fully leverage the benefits of custom shade sails?
  • How important is the choice of fabric for my shade sail or canopy?

And other key questions and considerations. So, let’s jump right into it:

1. What is a shade sail?

If you are looking to get custom made sail shades in the UK, it’s important to get one important question out of the way: what exactly is a shade sail?  

A shade sail is a deck or patio covering made of tough outdoor fabrics that block the sun. Installing shade sails involves stretching the fabric and applying tension to the mounting points in the corners of the shade.

According to statistics, the demand for shade sails is significantly expanding due to the expansion of commercial and residential construction projects. 

Hard-structure roofs are being replaced with shade sails since they are more adaptable and less expensive. Shade sails are available in various forms, shapes, sizes, and colours to fit any style that you are looking to achieve.

2. What is the purpose of a custom made shade sail?

Before getting custom made sail shades in the UK, the second important question that we need to answer is what is the purpose and function of the shade sail. Depending on the exact function that you are looking to get from them, you may choose one or another option. 

For example, perhaps you need to block out the summer heat while your customers have lunch, or maybe you want to create a particular atmosphere when people come to your place. In either case, selecting colours that complement your overall aesthetic goals is critical.

In a different case scenario, you may opt for a waterproof tensile canopy if you want to ensure that your outdoor area remains dry during bad weather conditions, or a breathable fabric if you want some sun to penetrate the shade sail (while still providing protection from the UV rays).

According to the report, the key factors and trends driving the shade sails market expansion are waterproof shade sails with UV and rain protection and the rising prevalence of skin cancer.

Pro tip: Take the sun’s angle into account when choosing the location for your shade; you’ll want it to provide maximum protection from UV rays.

3. Do custom made shade sails in the UK come with a warranty?

If you are looking to invest in custom made sail shades in the UK, you are probably wondering if they come with a warranty. 

This is important because you will need a long-lasting shading solution that you won’t have to worry about every year, something that isn’t that susceptible to wear and tear. After all, having to invest in a new shade sail each year is not only going to be expensive, but also time-consuming.

The warranty of the shade sail will depend on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers don’t offer warranty or only offer  a one-year warranty, while others are much more reliable in this sense. 

For example, SD Sails offers premium shade sail options with up to 15 years of warranty so you can have peace of mind at all times, only dedicating the minimum time and efforts for maintenance to ensure even better durability.

custom made shade sails uk

4. To what extent can I personalise my sail shade?

Custom made sail shades in the UK tend to be generally available in a wide range of shapes and styles to suit any taste. However, the exact extent of personalisation will depend on the manufacturer, as not all of them give you the same flexibility.

For example, with SD Sails, you can choose between hundreds of high-quality, premium fabrics, and a wide variety of colours to match with your corporate look or the rest of the buildings in your outdoor area. 

And of course, you can fully personalise the shape and the size of the area – something which is hardly possible with store-bought options. As there are many different styles and designs to choose from, it’s essential to take your time and pick something that will match your outdoor aesthetics.

Let’s take a more detailed look:

4.1. Shade sail colours

The best part of purchasing custom made sail shades in the UK is the ability to choose the right colours that fit your needs and requirements. 

When it comes to shade sails, selecting the right colour is essential, and it’s not only limited to your desired aesthetics. The temperature of your shaded area is affected by the colour of your shade sail. Thus, it influences thermal comfort to some extent. As a result, the shade selection must be appropriate for the amount of sunlight and the desired type of shade. 

For your custom made sail shades in the UK, you can either go for dark colours or light colours based on your requirements.

Dark colours improve the impression of freshness in the enclosed environment and provide better protection against UV rays. So a dark-coloured shade will be the best option if you want optimum cooling and UV protection. 

The light shades have the advantage of providing more luminosity even though they offer slightly less protection from the sun’s rays.

4.2. Shade sail fabric

Acrylic shade sails, polyethylene shade sails, or polyester shade sails are a few material options you can choose from, but not all of them offer the same quality.

When you are looking for custom made shade sails in the UK, you get to choose from various shade fabrics, often the highest-grade fabrics on the market. This also implies that, depending on your preferred fabric, you can select the UVR grade you desire.

Moreover, choosing a high-quality shade fabric over a regular shade fabric has many benefits.

  • First, higher-quality shade fabric lasts longer than lower-quality shade fabric.
  • Superior shade fabric requires less care and is less likely to wear out or tear.
  • Furthermore, it will provide better UVR protection than inferior or standard-quality shade fabric.

If you are looking for a high-quality fabric, opt for HDPE, or high-density polyethylene – they give the shade sail structures more flexibility than regular fabrics, and are significantly more durable.

4.3. Size and shape of the area

When deciding the shape of your custom shade sails in the UK, you must consider the installation area. The most popular shade sails shapes are triangles, squares, and rectangles. 

Triangle shade sails are the most popular since they can be designed in infinite ways. Squares and rectangles cover more territory than triangle shapes and are more suited for more significant regions.

Custom made sail shades come in various forms and designs, including 5-, 6-, and 7-sided patterns – you can be creative with their design. To create a specific design that will match your outdoor space, you can place the sail in rows or overlap them.

Next, make sure to measure the area where you want the shade installed so that you can provide accurate dimensions to the manufacturer. Shade sails come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Not all shade sails are appropriate for every setting.

Rectangular shade sails, for example, are best suited to bigger areas, while triangular shade sails are better suited to smaller spaces. 

Always examine the size of the available space before deciding on the design of the shade sail you desire. To avoid the area being crowded and unpleasant, it is critical to consider the installation area you wish to cover before purchasing the custom made shade sails in the UK.

Of course, if you are not sure how to do that, you can also contact a reliable manufacturer who will do it for you. 

Other aspects to consider while deciding on the best shade sail for your space include cost, heat resistance, cost, and more. Before purchasing custom-made shade sails in the UK, examine the purpose, your personal needs, and the quality and color of the shade sail fabric, among other things. Choosing the shade sail design and material that will provide the most shade for the location is critical.

5. Are custom made sail shades better than store-bought options?

If you have decided to install shade sails at your place, you can typically choose between pre-made and custom shade sails. You might ask yourself, “Why should I go for custom-made shade sails when I can purchase pre-made ones?”

Well, there’s no doubt that pre-made options are less expensive (at least in the short run, but you will have to replace them more frequently), but they might not be perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Pre-made shade sails work good for those on a stricter budget who are only searching for sun protection at home. However, custom-made shade sails are definitely the better option if you own a business and want the ideal shade sails to match the style of your area.

Here are a few reasons that make custom-made shade sails worth buying:

– Custom-made shade sails are designed according to your exact requirements, allowing you complete control over your design and specifications.

– They are custom-made and can be customised to fit any size or shape of outdoor space. They’re available in a variety of colours and styles.

– They are built of high-quality materials that are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

– They require little maintenance.

– They are simpler to install because they are designed to fit the area rather than the other way around. This means less fiddling with hardware parts to get them to fit. Simply measure from one fastening point to the next, and the sail will be constructed to fit.

– Custom sails are developed following commercial quality requirements, which are far more durable and long-lasting.

– They are more cost-effective in the long run – because they usually last up to 15 years and require little maintenance, you won’t have to replace them as frequently as store-bought options, resulting in a more cost-effective solution long-term.

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