Top 5 Essential Benefits of Shade Sails For Pools

Top 5 Essential Benefits of Shade Sails For Pools

Custom Shade Sails For Swimming Pools

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What are some of the biggest benefits of shade sails for pools? Continue reading to learn more!

Swimming pools are a great addition to any outdoor area, whether residential or commercial. They increase its functional and aesthetic value, provide space for people to cool off during heat waves and offer a great source of entertainment for the hot summer months.

However, swimming pools also come with a great deal of responsibility for their owners, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. In this article, we will talk about one key thing that owners can do to significantly optimise their efforts: install shade sails.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of shade sails for pools:

1. Protection from UV rays

One of the biggest benefits of shade sails for pools is solar protection. They effectively filter out up to 98% of ultraviolet (UV) rays by preventing direct sun exposure, thus reducing the risk of skin cancer and other harm that UV radiation causes to the body.

While most people associate UV rays, sun exposure and sunburns with summer, it is actually an everyday reality throughout the whole year. The sun emits damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation all year round, and its effects are cumulative.

In fact, UV rays can even pass through clouds, which means that they shouldn’t be underestimated even if they aren’t as strong in the winter as they are in the summer.

Still, UV radiation is the highest in the spring and summer months, and especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays have the shortest distance to travel through the atmosphere.

Overexposure can cause major health problems, from skin cancer, cataracts and other eye damage, immune suppression, and even premature ageing.

For this reason, installing a shade sail over your swimming pool means that you will be able to provide protection from direct sun exposure, and allow people to enjoy more time outdoors while being shielded from the harmful UV rays.

2. Easier cleaning

Every swimming pool owner knows the hassle of having to constantly clean debris, leaves, bugs, sticks and flowers that fall into the pool. In fact, they may end up paying hundreds of pounds per year on cleaning alone. 

For this reason, among the most important benefits of shade sails for pools is easier cleaning. A well-positioned shade sail can help stop the leaves and other debris from falling into the pool, providing an additional layer of protection, as well as reducing cleaning and filtering times.

This is extremely important not only because a clean pool looks better, but also because it’s a lot more hygienic. When left uncleaned, organic debris will start to rot, upsetting the chemical balance of the pool and altering the pH value of the water. 

3. Higher aesthetic value

Among the biggest benefits of shade sails for pools is increased aesthetic value. A custom-made shade sail, manufactured with premium fabrics and colours that fit the look and feel of the outdoor area, will make the space more enjoyable, and will encourage people to spend more time in it. 

This is especially important for commercial areas, such as public swimming pools, water parks, pools within hotels and restaurants, and other establishments for which having a swimming pool is a part of their business.

For many of these businesses, getting people to stay longer and spend more time inside or around the swimming pool means generating more revenue. Think about all the food and drinks you buy when going to the pool with your family, the extended parking times, and even the inflatable pool toys you purchase.

For hotels, having an extremely aesthetic and enjoyable swimming pool area also means providing better customer experience. This will get more people booking the same hotel again for the next season, and again – more revenue.

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4. Reduced operating costs

When discussing the benefits of shade sails for pools, another major benefit that we have to mention are reduced operating costs. 

As we mentioned earlier, properly positioned shade sails are not only great for shading any area of your pool, but they can also help reduce the temperatures of the water. This will reduce the use of chemicals, and it will give your filters and pumps a break, resulting in lower operating costs.

In addition, decreasing the temperatures also means reducing the water evaporation levels, which in terms means lower maintenance costs.

5. Cooler pool

High-quality shade sails made with premium fabrics are capable of providing excellent sun protection while allowing the air to flow through the material. This is especially important during the hottest hours of the day, or during heat waves when the temperatures peak and heat up the water.

By installing a shade sail over your swimming pool, you will have better control over the temperature of the water, reducing the risk of overheating to degrees that can make it become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Ideally, the temperature of the water in swimming pools should not exceed 29 degrees. Water that’s too warm is not only far from enjoyable for most people in the summer, but can also lead to dehydration. 

What is the best way to shade a pool?

Now that you know the benefits of shade sails for pools, you may be wondering: what is the best way to shade a pool? 

While there are multiple ways to shade a pool, including pergolas, permanent outdoor umbrellas, instant up canopies, and folding arm awnings, the best way to shade a pool is by installing custom shade sails. They protect from UV rays, help keep the pool clean, reduce operating costs, and add aesthetic value to the outdoor area.

Should a swimming pool have shade?

Yes, a swimming pool should have shade. Well-positioned shading is important because it protects people from the harmful UV rays, reduces direct sun exposure, keeps the water of the pool at optimal temperature, and even helps reduce debris from falling into the pool. 

As we mentioned earlier, a good shade sail is essential for increasing the functional and aesthetical value of your outdoor area, and it encourages people to spend more time in it.

How do you shade an outdoor pool?

To shade an outdoor pool, the first step that you will need to make is to take the measurements of the area that you want to cover. You may want to cover the pool only, or also a part of the area that surrounds it. Next, you will have to choose an option, such as canopies, shade sails and pergolas.

Custom shade sails tend to be the ideal solution for most commercial and residential projects. 

By building a shade sail that fits your precise needs and requirements, you can maximise its value, enjoy all the benefits of shade sails for pools, and get the most out of your money.

Benefits of custom shade sails for pools with SD Sails

We already covered the main benefits of shade sails for pools, but what are the benefits of ordering custom solutions for your swimming pool project? 

Ready-made canopies and shade sails may not be for everyone, and it can be difficult to find something that perfectly fits your needs if you only have limited options for colours, fabrics, shapes or sizes. 

Here are some of the benefits of ordering bespoke shade sails with SD Sails

Custom size

While you may be able to find a readily available solution that perfectly fits the size of your area, this is not the case for many commercial and residential projects. Large areas can be challenging to cover completely in a way that maximises your shading efforts.

With SD Sails, you can get a completely bespoke canopy solution, fabricated from scratch and tailored to meet your precise requirements, from fabrics to sizes and colours. 

You can also use our unique Free Form solutions to order custom canopies using our unique universal-angle corner fittings. Get a quote in seconds!

High-quality fabrics

If you are looking to fully reap off the benefits of shade sails for pools, you will need a shade sail that’s made from high-quality materials that offer complete UV protection, durability, and a good warranty.

SD Sails holds a huge stock of premium outdoor canopy fabrics, ready to be cut and fabricated according to your unique needs and requirements. This way, you will be sure that you are getting the maximum value for your project. 

End-to-end solutions

By leaving your shade sail project at the hands of the experts, you will be able to enjoy custom end-to-end solutions from manufacturing to installation without any hassle or worries. 

Relax and have a peace of mind while we work on making your unique project come to live. Not sure where to start? Contact us and request a quote today. 

Benefits of shade sails for pools: Conclusion

As we just saw in this article, there are multiple benefits of shade sails for pools. From protecting people from the harmful UV radiation to keeping the pool cool and clean, a shade is not only a cost-effective and aesthetical solution for your outdoor area, but it also helps your business provide better customer experience.

If you are ready to get started with your custom shade sail project, look no further than SD Sails, a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We offer end-to-end solutions to trade and residential clients from all over the UK. 

Are you ready to get started? Order your custom shade sails for swimming pools today.