10 Awesome Benefits of Shade Canopies for Playgrounds

10 Awesome Benefits of Shade Canopies for Playgrounds

benefits of shade sails for playgrounds

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Playgrounds are an awesome and exciting way to let children spend more time outdoors. In addition to being a great source of entertainment, they also give them the opportunity to develop their emotional, social, cognitive and even physical skills – and of course, learn through play.

However, spending quality time outdoors can be challenging if the weather conditions are not favourable. Too many hours under the sun and long exposure to the harmful UV radiation may cause sunburn and increased risk for cancer. 

On the contrary, if it rains too much – which happens to be the case in the UK a good amount of the time, taking good advantage of the playground also becomes challenging. 

In this article, we will talk about the biggest benefits of shade canopies for playgrounds – and how they can help you maximise the time spent outdoors for children, no matter if we are talking about a residential or a commercial establishment. 

So, let’s dive right into it:

Top 10 Benefits of Shade Canopies For Playgrounds

1. Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays

Among the biggest benefits of shade canopies for playgrounds is UV protection. 

As we mentioned, playtime is highly beneficial for all children. Not only because it keeps them entertained while providing fresh air and vitamin D, but also because it’s an enriching experience where they can socialise, interact with other kids, be creative, and learn new things.

Whether we are talking about neighbourhood parks, nurseries, local councils, elementary schools or religious organisations, most institutions try to reap the benefits of sunlight when it comes to playtime. 

Unfortunately, this often coincides with the time when the sun is at its most intense – which, according to the World Health Organization, is between 10 am and 4 pm. 

A sunny day is perfect for playtime, but the UV radiation coming from the sun can be extremely damaging. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays, especially for children, can lead to a long list of health issues, including skin cancer

Some recommended solutions, such as wearing long sleeves, hats, and other protective gear, may not work as effectively. This is because wearing long sleeves and covered clothing is not a suitable option when you are playing in hot weather. 

Sunscreen with high protection is obligatory, but unfortunately, it is rarely reapplied as frequently as recommended, which is every 2 hours.

For this reason, shade sails for playgrounds are a great way to reduce the effect of UV rays and counteract the sun’s harmful radiation. 

Adding proper shade can reduce the negative impact of Ultraviolet rays by 96-97%, although it can reach up to 98% with the personalised solutions that SD Sails offers.

Shade canopies will ensure that kids are not restricted in their playtime, and will be able to enjoy the time spent outdoors for longer periods without the worry of sun damage.

2. They keep the temperature under control

When it comes to the benefits of shade canopies for playgrounds, another key benefit that they offer is keeping degrees under control. They regulate the temperature during extremely hot summer and spring days.

The intense heat becomes an issue for the kids when the metal slides become too hot to touch due to the sun. Even the ground starts emitting heat on peak summer days, which can rob the children of their playtime outdoors, and provide an unpleasant experience.

Adding shade through customised canopies can protect the swings and benches from direct sun, and helps to keep the grounds cool. This lets the children play even on peak summer days, and enjoy a fun and comfortable experience outdoors.

benefits of shade canopies for playgrounds

3. Shade canopies for playgrounds also protect the equipment

A playground usually consists of multiple structures, including but not limited to slides, swings, benches, and more. 

These structures are usually quite expensive, causing a heavy burden on the school’s administration, costing up to £70,000 in the UK if they are larger and have more advanced features.

So, it is wise to protect them from early damage due to weather conditions. Sun, rain, hail, and other extreme weather changes can cause playground equipment to deteriorate over time. 

The sun’s rays can cause the colours to fade early, while hail can lead to dents in the structures. So, how do you increase the lifetime of these structures?

Shade canopies for playgrounds are a perfect way to ensure that your equipment remains intact for longer periods of time, as they protect it from sun exposure and the direct effect of weather changes. 

Your playground will remain colourful and usable for an extended period of time, giving you a better return on your investment. 

4. Maintain a comfortable sitting area

Adding shade canopies to the playground builds a comfortable sitting area for the children and parents who are visiting. You can add benches and tables under the shade to make it a relaxing space where people can sit, and children can have their lunches while enjoying their time in the fresh air.

Not all children may like to play outdoors, so the shaded benches offer them a comfortable alternative to being outdoors and sitting in the shade. 

5. Increase the playground’s aesthetic value

With SD Sails, one of the leading shade sail companies in the UK, you can get customised shade canopies for playgrounds in a wide variety of designs, structures, shapes, fabrics and colors. 

The variety and customisation option is a brilliant opportunity to add more color to your elementary school, nursery, or local council. 

The contrasting colours with your building improve the overall aesthetics of the school and bring more parents towards it. 

Moreover, the colorful shades also uplift the mood of the environment, and children have a more fun time. The unique colors attract kids and give them a relaxing, shaded space. 

6. Additional outdoor space for class activities

Another benefit of shade canopies for playgrounds is that they provide additional outdoor space for class activities. There are several subjects that require the use of the outdoor environment, such as science subjects. 

It is fruitful and more engaging to take kids outside and show them real-life examples of plants or do activities with them. 

Sometimes, just to get out of the boredom of monotony, the teacher might want to take a class outside to bring more invigoration into the kids. If there is no shaded area outside, it can be difficult to conduct a class, especially if the weather is not suitable. 

Shade canopies allow for an alternate space for children to learn and for teachers to conduct their classes. 

7. Low maintenance structures

Installing canopy shades is a low-maintenance method of keeping your area clean and clear. If you rely on natural sources of shade, such as trees and plants, you may face a number of issues. 

First, the shade from trees will not cover the entire area, and you may not be able to plant trees in all places in the ground. Moreover, there is an issue of plant leaves falling all over the place and the shape of the trees changing with the seasons. 

You will have to maintain them. However, with shade canopies for playgrounds, this is not the case. Once installed, the canopy needs little future maintenance and keeps providing shade to your desired area for years to come. 

SD Sails’ canopies can last up to 10 years or more with the right maintenance.

8. An inviting option for visiting guests

Children are not the only ones who will be using the playground. There are several guests who may arrive at your facility, especially when it is related to children. Parents visit to check on their kids, and other academic and professional guests may do it too. 

In such cases, the playgrounds with shade will provide an inviting place to rest, sit, and enjoy the fresh air. It not only looks good to the outsiders, but also is a relaxing and enjoyable experience that they can avail. 

Guests also become aware of the relaxing facilities available at your school, which will further increase their attraction towards your center. 

9. Provide shelter from the rain

Shade canopies for playgrounds are not only great for the sunny season, but for other weather conditions as well. The customised shade structures will provide protection to the kids and the guests from rain as well. 

People can take cover under the shade when it is raining outside, enjoying the outdoors without getting wet and risking getting sick. 

So, the canopy will act as a shelter from almost all kinds of harsh weather conditions. In fact, if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you can even opt for shade sails that are highly resistant to all kinds of weather.

10. High level of personalisation

Shade canopies for playgrounds are not boring or dull. They come in a variety of structures and designs, which add the perfect texture to the building. 

This colourful and aesthetic look is an essential requirement for shades for playgrounds, especially when you are dealing with kids. Colours help them develop their visual perception, which is the ability of the brain to correctly interpret what the eyes see.

Not all shade sails companies offer the same level of customisation. If you are looking for flexibility and unmatched personalisation options, you can have your custom-made shade with SD Sails. You can choose from a huge variety of colours, fabrics, shapes and more, and get quotes in minutes.

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