5 Main Benefits of Bespoke Canopies in 2023

5 Main Benefits of Bespoke Canopies in 2023

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What are some of the biggest benefits of bespoke canopies in 2023? Continue reading to learn more.

Considering that shade sails are an easy, functional and practical way to maximise time spent outdoors, it is not a surprise why so many people opt for them as opposed to more permanent solutions like roofing.

And one thing is for sure – while a healthy dose of vitamin D is always good, high exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays may lead to sunburn and skin damage that are absolutely not worth skipping the much-necessary protection from the shade sails.

On the another hand, the options to purchase shade sails are endless, and this may often be confusing to someone who doesn’t know the differences between custom made shade sails and store-bought options. 

In this article, we will deep dive into the benefits of bespoke canopies, what are their main differences compared with store-bought alternatives, and what are the different types of custom canopies that you can get. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it:

1. What are bespoke canopies?

Bespoke canopies are custom-designed and tailor-made shading structures that provide UV protection, shelter, and shade to any outdoor area, all while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Their versatility and functionality make them a perfect option for residential and commercial projects. 

Unlike standard or prefabricated canopies sold in retail stores, bespoke ones are specifically designed and manufactured to fit the unique requirements of the client or project.

The term “bespoke” implies that these canopies are individually designed and constructed, taking into consideration the specific dimensions, style, shape, material, fabric, and function desired by the client.

2. What is the difference between prefabricated and bespoke shade sails?

Put simply, prefabricated shade sails are pre-designed and come in fixed shapes, colours and sizes – they are mass-produced and readily available in standard configurations, including triangles, squares and rectangles. In contrast, bespoke canopies are individually designed to suit the specific requirements of the client.

Prefabricated shade sails often lack options when it comes to colours and fabrics, and they don’t allow for extensive customisation. 

Being mass-produced, they are readily available in stores or online, but they are not a suitable option if you are looking to shade a large or irregular area that doesn’t have a standard shape or size. In that case, their made-to-measure alternative is usually the better option.

On another hand, among the biggest benefits of bespoke canopies is precisely their ability to get tailored to any type of shade sail you want. They don’t have limitations when it comes to colours, fabrics, materials and sizes, which means that you will ensure a perfect coverage for your outdoor area every time.

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3. What are the benefits of bespoke canopies?

Now that we have a good understanding of the difference between bespoke shade sails and prefabricated alternatives, let’s take a look at the benefits of bespoke canopies:

3.1. Custom shape

As we mentioned earlier, most prefabricated, store-bought options already come in standard shapes: triangles, squares and rectangles. But the reality is, a lot of outdoor areas don’t have a standard shape, making it more challenging to be shaded with a mass-fabricated canopy. 

On another hand, bespoke canopies are not limited to standard shapes – they can be designed and manufactured in unique shapes that you won’t be able to find in any store. 

Getting a custom shape will not only ensure perfect coverage and maximum UV protection, but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space – which is especially important for businesses, universities, hotels, restaurants with gardens and colleges.

3.2. Unique aesthetics

Among the biggest benefits of bespoke canopies is aesthetics. Custom-made shade sails have the ability to stand out and create a visually distinct presence in outdoor spaces, due to the personalised design and creative freedom they offer to customers.

For example, in commercial settings, they can reflect the identity and branding of a business. Incorporating a company’s logo, colours, or tagline into the design not only adds a unique touch but also strengthens brand recognition and customer engagement.

Bespoke canopies can also be strategically positioned to serve as focal points in an outdoor setting. Their unique design and placement draw attention and create a sense of destination, encouraging people to gather and interact in those areas.

3.3. High-quality materials

Our list of benefits of bespoke canopies continues with another very important aspect when it comes to shading: high-quality materials. Unfortunately, most store-bought options don’t live up to the quality that’s needed for a well-protected outdoor space, and they don’t last very long either.

With custom-made solutions, clients have control over the selection of materials used in bespoke shade sails. They can opt for high-quality and durable fabrics that last longer, and are more resistant to wind and other weather elements. 

Of course, the quality will also depend on the manufacturer. For example, SD Sails offers a wide selection of premium high quality fabrics ready to cut and fabricate to the client’s order, which are highly resistant to wear and tear and have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

3.4. Effective UV protection

Of course, among the biggest benefits of bespoke canopies, and one we can’t forget about being one of the primary reasons why people get shade sails, is effective UV protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Shade sails are typically made from specially designed fabrics that are UV-resistant. These fabrics are engineered to block a significant portion of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. 

High-quality shade sail fabrics can provide up to 90% to 98% UV protection, depending on the type of fabric used. A higher UPF rating means better UV protection – shade sails with a UPF 50+ rating offer excellent protection, as they block more than 97.5% of UV radiation.

Effective sun protection is extremely important when it comes to deciding on the right shading solution for your commercial or residential area – adequate UV blockage helps reduce the risk of skin damage, sunburn, and skin cancer caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation.

3.5. Enhanced flexibility

Bespoke shade sails have the ability to adapt and cater to specific requirements, preferences, and challenges that may not be possible with standard or off-the-shelf shade sail options. In fact, they offer a high array of customisation possibilities including:

– Custom shapes and sizes for outdoor areas with unique dimensions, allowing for full utilisation of the available space and providing maximum protection;

– Unique configurations that complement the architectural style of the surrounding environment – they can be combined or asymmetrical designs can be created;

– Challenging spaces – among the biggest benefits of bespoke canopies is their ability to cover challenging outdoor spaces, such as areas with obstructions like columns or trees;

– Variable heights and angles – with custom-made canopies, designers can set varying heights and angles, allowing for precise control over the amount of shade provided;

– Integration with existing structures – bespoke canopies can be seamlessly integrated with existing architecture or landscaping features, complementing the building’s lines and shapes;

– Curves and artistic elements – the flexibility of bespoke shade sails enables the incorporation of curves and artistic elements into the design, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space.

– Material and colour option – and of course, going back to the first one on the list of benefits of bespoke canopies, they offer an unmatched range of materials and colours that clients can choose from. 

About SD Sails

SD Sails is one of the leading manufacturers of shade sails and bespoke canopies in the United Kingdom. With more than 30 years of experience, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for commercial and residential areas using premium fabrics and the latest technologies in shading.

If you are ready to explore the benefits of bespoke canopies, get in touch with us today, or get an instant quote using our unique Free Form technology.

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What benefits do bespoke canopies offer?

Bespoke canopies offer personalised design, tailored to specific spaces. They seamlessly integrate with architecture, provide optimal sun protection, enhance aesthetics, and offer durable, high-quality materials, making them a versatile and visually striking addition to outdoor areas.

Can bespoke canopies be designed to match existing architecture?

Yes, bespoke canopies can be designed to perfectly match existing architecture. Customisation allows for precise tailoring, ensuring seamless integration and complementing the style, materials, and overall aesthetics of the surrounding structures.

How long does it take to manufacture and install bespoke canopies?

The time to manufacture and install bespoke canopies can vary based on complexity and size, as well as the manufacturer. Generally, it takes a few weeks to design, fabricate, and install, but precise timelines depend on project scope, materials, and site preparation.

How do I choose the right design and size for my bespoke canopy?

To choose the right design and size for your bespoke canopy, consider your space’s layout, desired coverage, architectural style, and intended purpose. Collaborate with the manufacturer to explore various options, visualising the canopy’s aesthetics and functionality. 

Carefully assess measurements and site conditions to ensure a perfect fit and maximum utilisation of the outdoor area.

How can I ensure the durability and longevity of my bespoke canopy?

To ensure the durability and longevity of your bespoke canopy, use high-quality materials resistant to UV radiation, moisture, and weather. Regularly inspect and maintain the canopy, cleaning it as needed. 

Professional installation and occasional tension adjustments will keep the canopy structurally sound, prolonging its lifespan.