With a wide variety of premium styles and colours in stock, SD Sails is ready to manufacture with, or supply, the best fabrics on the market for your project.  Whilst we are also happy to work with other fabrics supplied by our customers, the following is our pick of the best architectural fabrics we most commonly choose to work with.
    502 is a premium grade Type I PVC available in 40 designer colours.  Its technical production method means that it is lightweight, strong, balanced and stable, meaning it is ideal for small to medium size exterior tensile membranes.
    WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
    590gsm1800mmWeldedYesYes5 Years
    832 is a premium grade Type II PVC, available in 8 popular colours.  As with the lighter 502, its hi-tech production method gives it superior strength and stability, making it ideal for medium to large tensile membranes.
    WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
    850gsm1800/2700mmWeldedYesYes5 Years
    Soltis 86 is a polyester bonded mesh fabric, available in 28 designer colours.  The small holes in the fabric allow a limited amount of air and light to pass through it whilst substantially reducing UV, glare and drafts, making it ideal for internal and external shades and screens.
    WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
    380gsm1770/2670mmWeld/ StitchNoYes5 Years
    Commercial 95 is a wide width heavy duty HDPE shade fabric, available in 16 popular colours.  The lock stitch knitted monofilament construction is designed to block out up to 98% of UV rays, whilst allowing heat to escape through.  Being very porous, it can span large areas with little or no fall, without the risk of water pooling.  Combining great durability with economical construction, it is the ideal choice for exterior shade sails of any size.
    WeightWidthSeamsWaterproofFire RetardantWarranty
    850gsm3000mmStitchedNoNo5 Years