Bespoke Fabrication

    With a history of problem solving and teamwork with clients, SD Sails provides textile manufacturing and repair services to a wide variety of companies requiring our specialist skills.  This can range from low volume products that utilize all our design, cutting, welding, stitching and swaging facilities or higher volume products that involve just one of these processes.


    Using powerful workstation computers and Rhino 3D modeling software, everything at SD Sails starts life on a monitor, where we analyse the minutest detail and resolve any issues before the job proceeds.  For our specialist field of tensile membranes, we also utilize an industry specific form finding, FEA and patterning plug-in package.

    Cutting & Plotting

    Using computer generated fabric patterns nested with maximum cloth efficiency, any textile component we fabricate is cut on our 3m wide 15m long Blackman & White automated cutting table.  Accurate to within 0.25mm, this machine cuts with a variety of tool heads to suit the fabric as well as marking any information, such as seam allowances, strike-up marks, detail locations and panel numbers.


    Most PVC coated materials are seamed together using our Fiab twin-travelling-head HF welding machines, mounted together on a 20m long track.  This allows large-scale permanent joins in the fabric that are totally impervious to water and as strong as the material itself.  It can also be used to double up the fabric in areas of increased stress.


    With over half of our facilities devoted to stitching, we house a wide variety of industrial sewing machines, from light duty single needles up to heavy duty long arm twin needle and zig zag machines.  This covers the wide variety of thread weights held in stock in both standard Polyester and specialist Teflon based styles.


    Using both roll swage machinery from WireTeknic and Hexloc press dies from Talurit, we produce stainless steel architectural wire rope assemblies here in house.  This service is especially useful on products that start here at the design stage, as we can specify the most appropriate terminals as well as the exact length required.